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We understand different marketing objectives require different research approaches. Therefore, our first step is to analyse your business need:


Research to help you choose
the best path forward


Research to help you develop initiatives and grow your business


Research to help you understand 
how you are doing

Qualitative advertising pre-test

We have a positive approach to ad testing.

We believe qualitative pre-test is not about passing or failing, it is developmental: how can the ad be streamlined based on how consumers react to it?

In order to achieve that, we evaluate ads through 4 fundamental success factors:

Creative Idea

Does the story engage? Is it simple enough? Is it connected to the brand?


What does the ad communicate?

Effect on brand

What impact on brand image and personality will it have?


Does it make the audience more willing to know about/interested in the product or service?

We have already helped over 150 ads improve their performance, increasing the effectiveness of clients' media spending:

Quick qual©

We have been in your shoes. We know how long it can take for an initiative to be approved. But the minute it is, it is for yesterday.

For the cases when you need to make a fast decision to move forward, but believe the risk is too great to go with your best guess, we can help.

QuickQual is not about making the decision for you, but about making you better informed to make your decision.

How is it different from a regular qual? Basically, the speed and deliverables:

  • Record recruiting times
  • Short guides, straight to the point, allowing for several sessions on the same day
  • Toplines 24 hours after end of fieldwork
  • NO full report prepared (it would arrive too late for your schedule!)

And better yet, due to this reduced and focused delivery, it is usually cheaper than a full blown qual!

Real ethnography

We do not agree that 3h long home interviews necessarily make an Ethnography (many times, it is just a looooong interview…) A true Ethno, to be called that, should involve looking at the problem from the subject eyes, not ours.

In our Real Ethnography, we get close to that: In our Real Ethnography, we get close to that: participants are first filmed by a trained ethnographer. Then a workshop takes place with client to gather first learnings from the footage. Next day we go back to consumers and they are asked to comment freely on their own behaviour, avoiding analyst bias. At the end, non-observational questions are in place.

The final product is a video, where key insights are pointed out and illustrated by the participant's perspective on their own lives.


More frequently than we would like, people tell us what they think they do, instead of what they actually do. On top of that, they tend to tell us what they often do, leaving all the exceptions out. And many times they skip details, just to get rid of us. Isn’t that so?

If you are not happy with that either, Mobile Just-in-time Research is for you.

Our aim is to capture the behaviour or reactions on the spot, as it happens, so all the crazy things they do are not left out of our radar.

Is there a better way to do this than through Smartphones?

One example is to capture all the drinking occasions of consumers. All they are asked to do is, whenever they drink something, take a picture of whatever it is and send to us answering 5 quick questions on the mobile set:

  • Where: Inside/outside the home/bars, night clubs?
  • Who: with whom?
  • What: How much was drunk?
  • How: with anything added to it?
  • Why: what occasion/what purpose?

All the rest is with us.


Great, that long and tiring Segmentation project is coming to an end. You now know how consumer split themselves into groups, and how each group rates in each attribute.

But consumers are not ratings. They are flesh and bones, they think and behave. So nothing more inspirational that learning more about each segment out of your study and bringing the segments to life.

That way, our audience will put a face to each Segment, and never forget the particularities of each one.

To do that, we have Online Journals, where for a limited amount of time, we send the online participants interesting and inspiring questions, so that we learn more about them as human beings. We may ask them to write letters to relatives/friends, to tell us what part of their body they like most/the least,… We also get lots of pictures.

  • 28 years old, B2 SEL, married no kids
  • Has straightened and dyed his hair
  • Has face moisturizers, foot moisturizer and body moisturizer in use in his bathroom
  • Does not leave home without a perfume
  • Believes beauty routines is a great use of his time


We truly believe that two minds think better than one. So our Insight Workshops combine direct contact with consumers with techniques to extract the most powerful insights.

And it can be fast too!

  • On the first day, the team if out on the field talking to consumers.
  • At the end of the day we collect insights, identify most promising territories
  • Next day we translate territories into written concepts in the morning and present to consumers in two or three sequential focus groups in the afternoon/evening
  • At the end of Day 2 we already have identified the 2 best opportunities in that area!

MY EXPERIENCEpowered by Opinaia

Do you have a hard time finding recent clients of your stores to learn about their experience and satisfaction in that particular store? Let them find you instead!

With My Experience, your clients are invited to get online to tell us about their experience through an invitation in the back slip of the purchase receipt, for instance.

In exchange for an incentive, they get online or use their mobile and answer a small set of questions about how that particular store is doing in their opinion. It is fresh feedback, right after the experience has taken place!

And you have permanent access to customized Control Panel, where you can see results for all the stores, the stores of a particular region, the stores of a particular manager, or one single store you want to focus on. The information is updated periodically and automatically.

And after a determined period, we play with the mass of numbers, for instance, doing multivariate analysis to find out what really drives satisfaction or dissatisfaction.